Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby Shower for Baby Wesley

I've posted photos I've taken of my friend Abby before on the blog. They were some maternity shots, and photos for her Christmas card....

I think it turned out so cute! 
A few weeks ago I received a super cute invitation for her baby shower. When I saw her she mentioned that if I wanted to bring my camera to the shower that would be cool. So of course I did, I'd do anything for Abby :)
Yesterday was shower day! You can tell Abby has a big family and is so loved by that family and her friends. There were soooo many people there! Baby Wesley is so lucky to have so many people that care for him already! 

I also peeked into his nursery to take a few photos. Abby and Daniel have done a great job decorating it for their little rock star. You can already tell that baby is going to be the best dressed baby in town!

Now it's time for the party photos!

"Look! I have claws!"

Party Planner Dana

Party Planner Nikki

Abby, the mommy to be 

Cute photos! I wonder who did those?! ;)

This is only a small portion of the gifts!

The little ladies having their own party 

SO much good food!

The next photos you'll probably see me post from Abby will probably be on baby day! I plan on being there for the big day and documenting everything up to...and after...:) Unless it snows before then. Then we have plans to do some maternity shots in the snow! But we do live in North Carolina, so I really doubt that's gonna happen!

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