Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Josie's Senior Photos

I was contacted by Miss Penny, several weeks ago, she was asking if I would do some Senior photos for her daughter Josie. Of course I said yes, and set out on finding a perfect location. Penny had asked for a location with blooming flowers and/or water. You never know around here when flowers are gonna bloom because the weather is so wonky. But I did know of a beautiful park that had water. So we set the date and location. It was supposed to be this past Saturday, but mother nature had other plans, there was a 100% chance of rain on Saturday. Normally rain doesn't scare me away, I am a full believer that rain makes photos better. But I knew that Josie would be wearing her cap and gown for some of the photos and I didn't want her to get them dirty before graduation day! So we rescheduled for Sunday, it was still pretty overcast, but luckily no rain. 
I tend to get a tiny bit nervous meeting new people, but as soon as I met Josie I felt completely comfortable. She's very fun and easy to talk to! We got to work on her session while we explored the park. The park we used is in Dallas, NC, and there just happens to be a corner of the park that has old, small buildings set up. I noticed that one was an one room school house. What better back drop for senior photos?! There was also a small old church that was just beautiful. It was white, with red doors, and stained glass windows. We walked past the buildings over to the stables, and I noticed that each one was numbered, we walked until we found number 15, class of 2015, stable 15, you get it ;)
After some failed attempts at blowing confetti around and decent attempts at blowing bubble gum bubbles, Josie did a quick outfit change and we headed over to one of the big ponds to finish up. 
Something completely magical, in my opinion, happened down by that pond. Josie isn't a huge fan of doing these kinds of photos. There was even a point where she asked me to stop for a minute and take photos of the pond. I didn't listen, and the photos that came from that moment were just breathtaking to me! You'll see that one in black and white near the end. 
All in all, it was a really fun and cool photo session. Josie was just awesome and beautiful. I am so glad I met her and got to work with her!
Here are some photos from our afternoon together! 

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sophia Rae

More Sophia, are you tired of her yet? Impossible! She's just perfection from head to toe. I had the privilege of doing her newborn photos this past Sunday. I wanted Jaci and Caleb to have a chance to get home, get settled and breathe before I popped in for more photos! But I had to get to her within the first 2 weeks. Because that's when babies are still so soft, and squishy, and bendable. When I went over to see Sophie that day my sisters, mom and aunt all tagged along because they hadn't had a chance to see Miss Sophie yet. I was a little nervous, because I don't usually take photos with such an audience. But my sisters did most of the work of helping me set up the props, and the baby, and changing her outfits. But first everyone had to have their own meet and greet with Sophie. After everyone was done taking in all the wonderfulness that is Sophie, I got to work!
   Here are some photos from our time together!

I know this isn't the first and certainly not the last you'll see of Miss Sophie. Her mama Jaci has me picked as her personal photographer, for life pretty much. ;)
I wouldn't have it any other way! I love my new little cousin so much already! 

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Friday, April 10, 2015

The arrival of Sophia Rae

I've written several blogs about Miss Sophia, the first was when we found out she was gonna be a girl. The next was for her big beautiful baby shower. Well now she is here! Item number 2 on my photography bucket list was to photograph the birth of a baby. The last time I had the chance I didn't make it to the end cause my husband was injured. When my cousin Jaci asked me to be there to photograph Sophia's birth I jumped at this second chance!

It all started Tuesday night, Jaci was to be induced starting at 7 pm. I got to the hospital around 8. Well it just wasn't happening that night, cause 10 other babies were born! So Jaci's induction didn't get started til about 6 am. At that point I had been awake since 7 am Tuesday morning. But I didn't wanna sleep, I couldn't miss anything! Jaci did such a great job laboring all day, things just weren't happening the way the doctor wanted it to, so we did have a moment when they thought they were gonna have to do a c-section. But right as they were about to take her back for that, everything was OK again, and Sophia was ready to come out!

I was one of the three people Jaci wanted in the room for the birth, so I found a corner and stayed put until Sophie was here and I could start taking pictures! The moment that Jaci gave her final push and then saw Sophia, was the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed in my whole life. I actually have a video of that moment I took for Jaci. I've watched it 5 times already and cry every time. 

We then went out to the waiting room for a little while so Jaci and Caleb could have some family time. I got to wait with 7 very anxious grandparents! About an hour later Jaci and Caleb were ready for visitors. When I walked back in that room you could already see that mom glow on Jaci's face. I continued to take photos while everyone had their turn at meeting and holding Sophie. 

I am so happy Jaci and Caleb allowed me to be there for every moment. I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world, and I'd do it all over again, even with the 40+ hours straight of no sleep!

Here she is, Miss Sophia Rae, born April 8th, at 5:07 pm, 6lbs 11oz. and 20 inches long. As beautiful as her mama! 

I felt like a little photo slideshow would be the best way to tell this story and show off the photos. So here you go, I hope you enjoy! 

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Now I can officially check this one off my bucket list! 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


   I got a message from one of my favorite clients Abby, and she wanted to do some Easter photos, the day before Easter. I wanted to do a little something different from what we usually do, so I made a pennant banner. From a pattern I found on Pinterest, I also gathered more props than I've ever used before. That consisted of some giant fake flowers, a wagon, some burlap, and some pallet crates.

   I then found out it wouldn't just be Abby's family that day, Abby's sister was coming by to get a few family photos done, and Abby's nephews as well. We had a very busy few hours, exchanging families in and out of the props. Then we switched some kids around for photos for their grandmas. 

   In all the people there were 9 kids there, and each and every one of them were so well behaved. And I didn't even have to bribe them all that much. Normally I would split this post up, but all these kids and families were related in one way or another so I know they won't mind a big combo post, as long as they get to see their photos!

Here are some photos of our afternoon together!

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