Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wooten Family

When I was twelve years old I moved to North Carolina from New York. I didn't know anyone and had no friends. I was just that new girl with the weird accent. Until I met Kim. Kim is the very first friend I made here. I bet she doesn't even know that to this day. She was the first person who sat down and talked to me and gave me a chance. From that point on she was my go to friend for every problem, any gossip, or homework help I needed. 
Since we graduated High School, we both kinda went our separate ways for a while, getting married and having kids. We ran into each other only once every few years. I made some dresses for her little girl several years ago, and that was the last time I saw her until this past Sunday. Our lives are a little different now, there are less people around. But as soon as I saw her it was like no time had passed at all. It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since that day we first met in 7th grade! 
We met up Sunday for some family photos at the most beautiful old mill. Only parts of it are still standing but that only made it better I think. Down the path from the mill there was a rocky creek that we also used for some photos. We explored the ins and outs of the mill and the creek for a while, then head across the street to a one lane bridge that was no longer in use. The bridge ran over the creek, and had this really cool metal structure around it. It was a little too wobbly for my liking, so I got some quick photos and got the heck off that bridge! 
Lastly, we drove a few miles down the road to this gorgeous open field, that was surrounded by trees. It was a beautiful day, I think the temp was in the mid 50's. The sky was blue, blue, blue, with really puffy white clouds. Just perfect. As soon as we got there the kids ran until we couldn't see them any more. Kim and I used that opportunity for her to change outfits and us to catch up a little. 
We finished up our photo session by taking a bunch of photos up and down the field. Kim and C raced a little. Then her and A got some hugs in. 
It was a beautiful, fun day. I'm so glad I got this chance to reconnect with my friend.

Here are the photos from our day together! 

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