Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Grin Kids trip to Disney World (PART TWO)

Today we'll fast forward to the awesome Day ONE of our trip. We arrived at the airport a little before lunch time. I was crazy nervous because I HATE to fly. I had only done it one time before this trip and it was awful. I had vowed to never fly again. But someone sends your family on a trip to Disney World, you get your butt on that plane. We checked our luggage and went off to our gate. At the gate we still had more than an hour before boarding. They had so much fun planned for everyone. There were mascots from every local team there, local police and fire fighters, some cheerleaders, and of course Ace & TJ. They started playing music so all the kids and mascots danced together. My crazy red head kept challenging them to a dance off. 

My big one taking it all in. He kinda hates large crowds so we stayed over in a corner
until he was more comfortable to move around. 

Time to board the plane! First they had everyone take a group photo...
Photo Credit: Angus Lamond

Then they had everyone line up. They called each of the grin kids names out one by one, like they were stars on a red carpet. They made every kid feel so special.

Right after this picture they handed my boy a bag of Tasty Kake treats. He was in heaven!
Photo Credit: Angus Lamond 

Once we were on the plane they had a goody bag in each of the kids seats. Not just our grin kids, but even bags for their siblings! Inside were cookies, candies, a stuffed animal, and several other treats. After everyone was seated the plane started down the path to take off and I can't remember what it was called, but there were people spraying hoses of water like a water salute over the plane. Which my kids thought was really cool.
Photo Credit: Angus Lamond

On the plane they brought around lunch, then cookies, then candy, then ice cream sandwiches. We were stuffed! All that in a less than 90 min flight! We got to Florida and the plane did a flyover of Disney World. 

Once we landed there were buses waiting for us, like right next to the plane waiting for us, we were checked by security right off the plane so we didn't have to go through anymore airport stress. Which was GREAT! We were then loaded on the buses to head to our hotel, The All Star Movie Resort. and we had a police escort to get there!

How cool is that?
Photo Credit: Angus Lamond

 We got to the hotel and were greeted by the Grin Kids Staff, they had our magic bands, meal cards,  mickey dollars for souvenirs and bags of goodies for us. 

Here is my family, the littlest is hidden behind his daddy.
Photo Credit: Angus Lamond

We had a little down time to relax and unpack, then it was back to the buses for a very special dinner in Epcot. There the kids were all given autograph books, and soon after were able to use them when Goofy, Minnie, and Mickey arrived just to see them! 

My little one was freaking out at this point, half scared to death of these giant creatures, the other half of him
was overwhelmed to be standing next to his favorites, "the mouses!"
Photo Credit: Angus Lamond.

After dinner we were escorted to a private viewing area to watch the amazing IllumiNations: Relections of Earth fireworks show. It was honestly the most amazing fireworks I had ever seen.

Then we all headed back to the hotel to sleep, it felt like the longest day ever! All three (four if you count my husband) kids pretty much fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. 

I hadn't planned on this being more than one blog post, much less a series of blog posts. But the magic of the trip was really in all the little things they did for us. So I want to be sure I capture every bit of it! 

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** I write this blog mainly to share my own photography, but with three kids at Disney World and not my best camera I didn't get too much of a chance. So some of the photos you are seeing were done by the Grin Kids Photographer Mr. Angus Lamond**

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