Sunday, December 21, 2014

O Christmas Tree!

The photo shoot I had planned to blog about this week, got postponed due to that pesky stomach bug that has been going around! Get well soon Helms Family!

As a back up I decided to photograph my beautiful Christmas tree, and share the short story of some of my favorite ornaments. 

Here we go...

This one we got from Ace & TJ when my son was chosen to go on their Grin Kids trip to Disney World.
To read more about this awesome charity you can check out Grin Kids.

The reason for the season! 

In this house we are only allowed to be Carolina Tarheel fans!
My husband got this for Christmas one year. 

Self explanatory...See..Hi, I'm Angel ;)

This is how you can tell I have kids. There's a fallen ornament, a hulk hand,
and a bunch of low hanging ornaments. 

My oldest kiddo, I have plenty of handmade at school ornaments! 

This one was my 3rd boy's first Christmas ornament, made by my friend Kristen.
Apparently 2 years has not been kind to this reindeer as he is missing a few legs! 

My oldest's first Christmas.

This is one of my favorites, made by a friend of mine.

This nasty thing was made by my oldest. He brought it home and was so proud and insisted
I had to put it on the tree. Told me something about it being good luck.
 Gross! This one stays in the back of the tree.  

I bought this tree topper at an after Christmas clearance sale. I think it cost about $3, and it has
held up for  7+ years so far! It's a gingerbread family totem pole.  

I got this from my friend Melinda this year. When I opened the box I didn't see the camera right away.
I just saw the words. lol...Kind of worried me for a second! 

These crocheted ice skates were made by my brother in laws grandma.
We have one for each kid on the tree. 

This is the very first ornament I bought for our tree after we were married. 

This hot mess right here. I THINK was supposed to be a penguin.
 I was newly married and newly pregnant shortly after. It was our first tree, we didn't have many ornaments. I insisted that I NEEDED to buy all these ornaments and paint them. I don't remember who painted this one. I don't know why I still put it on the tree. But it makes me smile every time I see it. 

The whole tree, I used to decorate it when the kids were in bed. Now I put it up, string the lights, and let them do the rest. There are five ornaments on some branches, there are some that hang an inch from the floor, there are huge empty gaps.
I love it.

I am so thankful for the families that have allowed me to photograph their family this year. Getting to do this is truly a dream come true. I hope to have this opportunity many times over in the new year           Lastly, my hope is that you all have a very Merry Christmas! 

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