Thursday, December 11, 2014

Photography Bucket List

Back in July I randomly decided to make up a photography bucket list. A list of events I would love to be the one to capture. I am guessing it was partially good, or good enough to steal at least. I found it on Facebook with another photographer claiming it as their own, and it was word for word mine. 
She removed it a short time later :)

I have been lucky enough in the months since to be able to cross a few events off that list! I never thought I would get the chance to, and each one I got to cross off was incredibly special to me. I will never forget those days. 

#7, is only partly crossed off. I got to assist one of my favorite photographers, at a wedding she was photographing. I have been inspired by her for years. It was a beautiful wedding at Trump National, on Lake Norman. I never in my life have been to a wedding that nice. I was lucky enough to take photos at the photo booth that night.Lots of fun props and happy people that night. I didn't get to take photos of my friend in action, but I got to watch. She and her husband taught me so much that night, I will never forget!

#8 a pregnant gal...a few blog posts ago you will see that I got to take some maternity shots of my friend Abby. She is the first person that gave me a chance in this journey of becoming a photographer. And has been incredibly generous in giving me her time to practice this thing I love. 

#9 a newborn baby...I believe she was only a couple weeks old when I did this. She was precious, so tiny and sweet! I will hopefully get to do this one many more times, I love little babies! 

In the next few months I will get to cross another one off my list , I may even be able to do it twice since someone asked me recently if I would be there for their day too! And I couldn't be more excited about it! #2 the birth of a baby! I have been on Pinterest almost every day looking for inspiration for the big day! I don't even care if the call comes in the middle of the night! I am gonna be there with my camera on ready to go!

I would love, love, love to be able to cross all of these events off my list. I know it's not gonna happen over night. But I'll wait. :)

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