Saturday, December 6, 2014

LaRue Family

A few months ago I answered an ad on a local FB selling group. In the ad she was looking for a photographer to capture a balloon release ceremony. I would soon find out that the balloon release ceremony was in memory of a baby they had lost. We talked a lot over the next few weeks leading up to that day. Trying to find the perfect location. 

The day was October 3rd, the day that would have been Baby LaRue's due date. It was so amazing to see the support they had from their family and friends that day. Here are a few photos of the balloon release...

At the end of that session Shana told me she would like me to do some more photos for her in a few months. I said of course and found out that she was pregnant! 

Fast forward to today, gender reveal day! They came straight from their appointment to me! I was so excited to see the results. As they walked up I practically yanked the ultra sound photo out of their hands! Then took the following photos to announce the big news!

It was like she already knew! She grabbed the blue ornament right out of her mama's hand! 

Hi Baby Boy! 

I know this family will never forget the heartbreaking loss they went through. But my wish for them is that this new baby boy helps to ease some of that pain <3 p="">

I can't wait to meet him! 

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