Friday, November 21, 2014

Hi, I'm Angel..

I read this blog post the other day that said you should put a photo of yourself on your blog. Not only so your clients will know what you look like when you show up, so there is no embarrassing confusion. But, also because people can't really get to know you until they see your face. Problem, I take photos, I'm never IN photos. It's never been something I've liked or am comfortable with. Ask some of my friends, most of the photos they have seen me in, I was wearing sunglasses. Just this once, just for you, here I am....

Ha! Yes, part of my face is covered. But this is me. What can you learn about me from this photo you ask? Well, I chew gum when I'm nervous, I like t-shirts, and my camera. My hair is usually a mess, because I have 3 kids and rarely have time for myself. My eyes look surprised cause if I had shown you what they really looked like they would have looked TIRED. Once again, 3 kids, and I have a good case of insomnia these days. 

I also love...
My Husband
My Kids
A good pair of boots
TV Shows  New Girl, and Glee
Movies Pitch Perfect and Days of Thunder
Music Ed Sheeran, a Great Big World,
 and I am a closet 1D fan (just their new stuff, I'm no teeny bopper!)

I get nervous around people I've never met, but give me a minute and I'll be fine.
I like to read but I rarely have the time. 
I love Christmas lights. 
My three kids, all boys, 12, 7, and 3...yawn. 
My husband..married for 12 years, started dating when we were 14 & 15

I hate (that's kinda mean) I strongly dislike...
hot weather
pumpkin pie
bullies (ask my kid about that list I have...)

Last but not least, one of the things, I love the most, and the reason you're probably here. I love photography, Everything about it, the planning, the packing of the equipment, finding beautiful locations, capturing the perfect moments, the editing, all of it. It's my favorite thing to do. 
It's slowly but surely bringing my happy back.

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