Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hovis Family

   I have known Abby, for ...let's just say many many moons. She has kept my hair looking good for about that long too. Abby has been super supportive of my becoming a photographer journey. Most of my first clients were friends of hers actually! A few months back I made a bucket list of all the things I would love to photograph one day. It just so happens a few of them involved a pregnant chick! Lucky me Abby said I could take all those photos of her! I got to take some pregnancy announcement photos a few months ago shortly after she found out about her new little bundle...

Yesterday I went over to Abby's beautiful home and did some photos for her Christmas card. Here are a few sneak peeks of those, I don't wanna ruin the final card reveal!

Have I mentioned how fierce Abby's daughter is?

While I was there it was time to hit another bucket list item, maternity photos! Abby is due around the end of February, so now was the perfect time to take a few. Although, if it snows before she pops we are doing some more in the snow!

Have I mentioned Abby is having a BOY! I totally called it from the start. 

Lastly we wanted to do a few photos of three -soon to be four- in front of their beautiful newly built home. Especially since Abby just got through doing such a good job decorating it for Christmas!

Abby and her family are always some of my favorites to photograph. She's always up for anything! This time she said we could do whatever I wanted. Which was a tad stressful, but I love pregnant Abby, she's very go with the flow! I think we got some really good shots this time! I can definitely tell a difference from my photography skills now vs a few months ago.

Stay tuned to Angel Kincaid Photography on Facebook and this blog later this week when I will be sharing some photos I did the same day of Abby's niece Callie!

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