Sunday, May 3, 2015

Prom 2015!

I was asked by Michaela to take some prom photos of her and her date last week. The weather wasn't looking good, 100% chance of rain. I'd already had to reschedule one session because of it. But, you can't reschedule the prom! Or the photos, so we met up hoping for the best. It was a little drizzly at the beginning and raining harder by the end, but I was prepared with umbrellas. I was probably looking ten shades of crazy myself, I found one of those disposable plastic poncho's at home and put it on to protect me and my camera from the rain. I may have looked crazy but it worked! She had sent me a picture of her dress before we met so I could pick out a fitting location. I knew exactly the kind of backdrops this dress needed as soon as I saw it. It needed bright backgrounds, bricks, metal, buildings, all of it. So I asked her to meet me in downtown Lincolnton, where we both live. The town may be small, but it has some stunning backdrops if you know where to look for them! Michaela and her date (I say her date, because he was the strong silent type. I never got his name lol ) did a great job, and didn't seem to mind me dragging them all over town!

Here are the photos from our time together! 

She asked me beforehand if she could be a typical prom girl
 and blow glitter in a photo so I brought some along! 

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