Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Josie's Senior Photos

I was contacted by Miss Penny, several weeks ago, she was asking if I would do some Senior photos for her daughter Josie. Of course I said yes, and set out on finding a perfect location. Penny had asked for a location with blooming flowers and/or water. You never know around here when flowers are gonna bloom because the weather is so wonky. But I did know of a beautiful park that had water. So we set the date and location. It was supposed to be this past Saturday, but mother nature had other plans, there was a 100% chance of rain on Saturday. Normally rain doesn't scare me away, I am a full believer that rain makes photos better. But I knew that Josie would be wearing her cap and gown for some of the photos and I didn't want her to get them dirty before graduation day! So we rescheduled for Sunday, it was still pretty overcast, but luckily no rain. 
I tend to get a tiny bit nervous meeting new people, but as soon as I met Josie I felt completely comfortable. She's very fun and easy to talk to! We got to work on her session while we explored the park. The park we used is in Dallas, NC, and there just happens to be a corner of the park that has old, small buildings set up. I noticed that one was an one room school house. What better back drop for senior photos?! There was also a small old church that was just beautiful. It was white, with red doors, and stained glass windows. We walked past the buildings over to the stables, and I noticed that each one was numbered, we walked until we found number 15, class of 2015, stable 15, you get it ;)
After some failed attempts at blowing confetti around and decent attempts at blowing bubble gum bubbles, Josie did a quick outfit change and we headed over to one of the big ponds to finish up. 
Something completely magical, in my opinion, happened down by that pond. Josie isn't a huge fan of doing these kinds of photos. There was even a point where she asked me to stop for a minute and take photos of the pond. I didn't listen, and the photos that came from that moment were just breathtaking to me! You'll see that one in black and white near the end. 
All in all, it was a really fun and cool photo session. Josie was just awesome and beautiful. I am so glad I met her and got to work with her!
Here are some photos from our afternoon together! 

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