Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Lampkin Family

Yesterday I did a sweet family photo shoot at Rankin Lake Park in Gastonia,NC. It is beautiful there! A nice big lake with bridges out over the water, walking trails, paddle boats, a playground, and more. It's the second time I've done a shoot here, the first time was this summer with Miss Laci, If you head on over to my facebook page you will see her photo as my profile picture. 

This time my session was with the Lampkin family. I have met the Lampkin's in pieces, first was Chris, Jaime, and little Peyton, at a dreaded company picnic..It's not that bad actually. But you know how those things can be...awkward conversations just waiting to happen. Chris and my husband have worked together for the past couple years. Next, at the beginning of this month I met Megan, JD, and Mason. Megan won my free photo shoot contest! This was one of my favorite photos from their session. 
Megan and I have become fast friends and texting buddies, I love her! She's so fun :)

     Yesterday I met the rest of the family, Kathie and Larry (mom and dad). I have been planning this session with Kathie for weeks. I probably annoyed her to death with all my messages. But the planning is my favorite part. I wanted to make sure everything was fun, and perfect! It was almost perfect, Larry wanted me to go out in that water and take a photo back towards them. In all my planning, I forgot my waders! Darn!

Here are the first round of photos from our fun afternoon yesterday, I had to work quickly, Florida State was coming on! Go red team! 

Not very Christmas-y, but seriously, this kids eyes! LOVE! (I did no editing to this photo)
I am secretly wanting to plan a whole elaborate session just for her, she was beautiful and fun, and not afraid to tell me what she wanted to take a photo of next! 

The ducks came by for a little bit and I lost these two for a while. So I decided to make the best of this sweet moment and snap some photos! 

The eyes! Right?!

The fun props came out at the end!

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  1. I love these pictures. They are so good. Turned out well. Can't wait to see the rest.