Saturday, June 27, 2015

White/Williams Wedding

Long time no posts! I've been busy busy, wedding season is here! I have done three weddings so far this month. The first one took place on June 5th at the Chapel of the field in Crouse, NC. I met the bride April and her Groom Steven as soon as I got there. At different times of course since they didn't wanna see each other before the ceremony. I also got to meet all of their kids, who were so cool and fun! I heard bits and pieces of April and Steven's love story throughout the night, and I cried my eyes out during the ceremony. Which was crazy since I had just met them! You could just tell from the way that they looked at each other that they had a special kind of love. Everything about the wedding was beautiful. But the most amazing part? During one of their first dances it started to lightly rain, they didn't budge. They just kept dancing, I always say rain makes for better photos. Even better, a double rainbow appeared in the sky above. I have never seen a more beautiful moment! 

Here are some photos from April and Steven's special day! 

Such a beautiful day!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Williams!

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